Federal Law Collection

Inventory of Federal Research:

Our Federal law collection available for immediate access through Lehili is limited, you can link above to an inventory of all Federal Research currently available, which includes very large collections on specific topics that are not yet available through Lehili’s automated process, but are available upon request.

Searching for Federal Law on Lehili

General Search on a Particular Topic – Use the last two search fields, put the title of the usc in on field (example 35usc) and put a section number or abbreviation in search field #6.  See our list pf abbreviations in our Federal Inventory discussed above.

Specific Congressional Enactments – Search for Federal Statutes using the Public Law number in search field 2, and, if you know it, the bill number in search field 3.    Format for the public law number is pl-…-…    Example:  pl-100-234   Format for the bill number is h (for house bill) or s (for senate bill) followed by the number.  Example h4380

Specific Sections of the United States Code – Search for the title in search field #5 – format T followed by the number and code – example T14usc,   Search for the Section # in search field #6 – format is the same as what you see inf the USC.

Specific Sections of the Code of Federal Regulations – Search for the title in search field #5 – format cfrT followed by the number – example cfrT14.  Search for the Section # in search field #5 – format is the same as what you see in the USC.

Specific Federal Rules – In search field #5 use the abbreviation for the particular set of Federal Rules, FRCP for Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, FRCRP for Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure.

How to Research Federal Law.

If what you need is not in this collection link to this page for general guidance on how to research Federal Law, or, if you do not have the time or inclination to do the research yourself contact us at research@lere.info and describe what you need and we will respond with detailed quotes on costs and time schedules available for project specific research.